Value-Added Manufacturing

Value-added manufacturing from The Rubber Group helps you to refine your part design and enhance your product’s performance. By selecting the right materials and manufacturing process, you can also identify opportunities to reduce manufacturing costs. Quality and reliability can improve, too. Our value-added manufacturing services include:
  • drawing development
  • material selection
  • process selection
  • testing and performance evaluation
  • lean manufacturing
  • inventory management
  • packaging and shipping

Rubber Material Selection

Rubber material selection involves balancing all your application’s requirements. Part designers and product engineers need compounds that meet sealing and insulation requirements, but that are also cost-effective. Otherwise, choosing the wrong material can cause part failures or cost overruns. The Rubber Group has developed custom compounds and stocks many commercial-grade elastomers. The materials we work with include:
  • Solid elastomers
  • Sponge rubber
  • Foam rubber
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Felt and fabric
  • Mylar and plastics
  • Adhesives

Rubber Molding Process Selection

Process selection involves an analysis of factors such as tooling costs, cycle times, optimum run quantities, and secondary operations. The Rubber Group can help you decide whether your project requires compression, injection, or transfer molding. Our custom molding services include rubber-to-metal molding, too. We can die cut rubber products into precise shapes, sizes, and geometries.

Value-Added Manufacturing for Rubber Products

The Rubber Group supplies standard rubber products as rubber grommets, isolation mounts, rubber bumpers, appliance feet, and O-rings. We also offer custom rubber products like extruded rubber profiles, rubber cords and cord stock, and rubber tubes and tubing. The markets we serve include process control, transportation, medical devices, isolation mounts, and consumer products Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, making value-added manufacturing a part of vendor selection is a smart business decision. With the type of services that The Rubber Group provides, you can improve performance and control costs. To learn more about value-added manufacturing,