ContiTech Industrial Vibration Control Products

The Rubber Group is the primary North American distributor for industrial vibration control products, including the MEGI® and SCHWINGMETALL® brands. These products provide active and passive vibration damping and are used in commercial vehicles, passenger cars and light trucks, marine and heavy duty engines, machines and plant engineering, railway vehicles, and off-highway vehicles.    

MEGI® Spring Elements

MEGI® spring elements reduce noise and vibration from industrial machinery and equipment. They also transfer forces without play or friction.  The Rubber Group distributes these spring element types:
  • Buffers
  • Stop buffers
  • Metal-rubber bars
  • Machine mounts
  • Cone mounts
  • Isolation bearings
  • Disks and annular buffers
  • U-V-W and ceiling elements
  • Bushes


MEGI® buffers withstand shearing or compression and can support both type of loads when mounted at an angle to each other. Buffers with an enlarged rubber-to-metal bonding surface are recommended for high peak dynamic stress. These spring elements have a threaded bolt or weld nut for mounting.

Stop Buffers

Stop buffers resist compressive loads and are used as shock absorbers to limit spring deflection in vehicles. Mounting styles include threaded studs, female threads, and flange mounts. Larger stop buffers known as fender benders can absorb high-impact energy.        

Metal-Rubber Bars

Metal-rubber bars absorb compressive loads and, when set at an angle to each other, can absorb both compressive and shearing stresses. These industrial vibration control products can be used anywhere that available space and high loads do not support the installation of buffers.

Machine Mounts

Machine mounts limit the horizontal movement of machinery and equipment. They have rectangular or oval flanges and support height adjustments for equipment leveling. Tear-off proof machine mounts are used in applications with tension forces.

Cone Mounts

Cone mounts, or conical mounts, provide oscillation damping. They have both inner and outer metal cones. The outer cone has an oval or rectangular flange and stop plate that limits deformation under tension and compression.   

Isolation Bearings

Isolation bearings for industrial vibration control include pedestal, flanged, round, and box-type products. To support different degrees of longitudinal and transverse rigidity, some isolation bearings have recesses in the rubber cross-section.

Disks and Annular Buffers

Disks and annular buffers are ring-like elements that are used as flexible mounts. Megiflex®-disk products can be combined to form spring assemblies. They are prestressed when fitted. MEGI® annular buffers are installed in pairs and decompressed. They interrupt structure-borne sound vibrations.

U-V-W Elements and Ceiling Elements

U-V-W elements are installed so that the load is either at right angles or parallel to metal plates. They should never be subjected to tensile stress. Ceiling elements are part of this category.
  • U-bearings reduce shock and isolate vibration where impact and excitation forces are small.
  • U-V-W parts protect against shock and are used for mounting sensitive instruments.
  • Ceiling elements securely hold suspended parts that are subjected to extremely heavy shocks.


MEGI® bushes are flexible joints that maintenance-free and sound-insulating. There are two main product types. AS bushes are axially stiff and used with high thrust loads. HL bushes can be subjected to radial, axial, and torsional loads.


The Rubber Group also distributes SCHWINGMETALL® products that damp vibrations and structure-borne sound, insulate machine vibrations, reduce accelerations, and provide noise protection. The table below describes product categories and types.
SCHWINGMETALL® Classic Compression Mounts
SCHWINGMETALL® Classic Plus Cone Mounts
  Dome Mounts
  Flanged Mounts
  Angled Mounts
  Torsion Mounts
  Special Mounts
SCHWINGMETAL® Premium Hydromounts

Compression Mounts

Compression mounts are used with lightweight or medium-weight masses. Type A, B, and C products are for standard applications and resist thrust and pressure. Type AK compression mounts are used in heavy masses with small dimensions. Type D and S mounts have a non-screw attachment.


Railstrips are used with heavy masses. These rubber-to-metal bonded products come in different lengths and mount loads at various points. Type 1, Type 2, and U-shaped railstrips are all suitable for applications with a low center of gravity.


Buffers are used with elastic mounts to limit vibration amplitudes. These industrial vibration control products are available in special designs for moving masses with high kinetic energy. Types of buffers include impact mounts, heavy-duty impact mounts, and parabolic springs.

Cone Mounts

SCHWINGMETALL® cone mounts are designed for medium-weight loads. Their high radial stiffness with respect to axial stiffness provides good lateral stability. Washers for bearing surfaces provide breakaway control.

Dome Mounts

Dome mounts are used for leveling machinery and can support screw-less attachment. Standard dome mounts have almost equal shear rates in the vertical and lateral directions. AS series products have a tear-off safety and a square flange. C-Series dome mounts are squarish.  

Flanged Mounts

Flanged mounts support medium-weight loads. To promote tear-off safety, they are installed with washers on top and bottom. Adjusting the washers can increase the sturdiness of the mount for withstanding pressure and tension.

Angled Mounts

Angled mounts, or inclined mounts, can be used in combination with compression mounts and rail strips. These vibration control products have the same spring characteristics in the vertical and lateral directions. They also have a low natural frequency.

Torsion Mounts

Torsion mounts fasten shaft ends elastically on flat surfaces and allow axial, radial, torsional, and gimbaled movements, each with their own specific spring stiffness. This category includes ring mounts for distortion wear and torque bushings for the shock-free transmission of torque.  

Special Mounts

SCHWINGMETALL® makes four type of special mounts.
  • Bell mounts are bell-shaped mounts for hanging masses.
  • Heavy-duty mounts have different spring rates in three spatial directions.
  • Instrument mounts ensure the same stiffness in the vertical and lateral directions.
  • Shear mounts are used for mounting light masses with low natural frequencies.


SCHWINGMETALL® supplies three types of hydromounts.
  • V-Series products mount with integrated hydraulic damping.
  • V-plus Series products have broadband damping in the vertical direction.
  • K-Series hydromounts have high transverse rigidity and hydraulic damping in the vertical direction

Find Your Industrial Vibration Control Solution

The Rubber Group is ready to review your application and, in conjunction with ContiTech engineers, can recommend a solution using a standard MEGI® or SCHWINGMETALL® product. to get started.